God Sightings


Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. - Ezekiel 1:28

Thought for the day: 

I found a devotional in my library that I haven’t noticed in quite sometime. The book is called: God Sightings: Learning to Experience God Every Day.  I don’t know how it first came to be in my library  but I am grateful to have it. The book has started me on a path of intense scripture reading, prayer, and contemplation that I haven’t done, for personal enrichment, in quite some time. I am finding new life in old scriptures. Coming alive once again are the stories of Abraham, Isaac and that rascal, Jacob. Psalms and Proverbs are revealing secrets that I didn’t remember existed in God’s Word. Insights into the tenacity and audacity of those early fathers of our faith are coming to me that I had never before realized. 

I must confess having felt that one thing most people feel but fear to verbalize: There are times when faith can feel kind of “ho hum”. The God Sightings authors use the words: “dry, dusty, grounded in principles rather than passion.” Well, now that I have once again been encouraged to start looking for God in everything... Guess what? I’m seeing God in everything! 

An early drive revealed the sun cresting the trees as I came across an old barn. The world was aglow with sunlight! The bright red of a newly painted roof was so warm and vibrant as it radiated the morning light. The weather worn walls hinted at shades of darker pigments, streaks of reds, oranges and browns contrasting beautifully as the entire structure was framed by the shimmering green foliage that God used as a backdrop beneath a crystal clear blue sky. 

Simply breathtaking! It was a God sighting that caused me to stop and offer praise and a prayer. How many times I have driven past that place and never noticed anything remotely special... But on this day, after having been primed for the presence of God, God showed up in a glorious array of splendor. 

Are you primed for the presence of God? Or... Are you kind of “ho hum” about seeing the great things God is doing.

Are you excited to see the blessings in your life? Or... Has your faith become “dry, dusty, grounded in principles rather than passion”? 

I hope you see God every minute of every day but if you don’t... let me tell you that you’re missing out! Go back to the beginning. Go back to the Word and start reading it with new eyes and new expectations. Go back to God in prayer and let the divine sink deep into your heart as you begin to embrace the expectancy of hope and holiness, forgiveness and freedom. Go back and begin again to witness the profound and yet simple truth: Love is the constant expression of God and if you choose to look... you WILL see God! 

Prayer for the day:

Dear Lord, open my eyes that I may see the expressions of love you have for me. Amen.