“You shall have no other gods before me.” (Deuteronomy 5:7)

Thought for the day:

Imagine a most fulfilling life? What gets included and what gets left out? Should one focus on career? Family? Personal interests? Faith? What actually goes into creating a life of fulfillment? Undoubtedly, the answer will vary from person to person.

It really all comes down to priorities. What are our priorities? Our bank account spending will reveal our financial priorities. How one spends money emphasizes the values of the person doing to the spending. If housing requires the most spending, one’s housing situation is the highest priority for that person. If one’s pastime requires a large percentage of one’s spending, it has become a high priority.

When looking for a fulfilling life, priorities are the key. What are your priorities? Honestly contemplate the “must haves,” the “should haves,” and the “might haves” for fulfillment in life. The “must haves” will require the most attention to achieve, the “might haves,” the least. But what are they?

Imagine that a bucket represents your life; a pile of rocks represent the “must haves;” a pile of pebbles represent the “should haves;” and a pile of sand represents the “might haves.” In order to live life to the fullest, how you prioritize is critical. If you fill your bucket first with sand, you’ll get a lot in there but you probably won't have enough room to fit the rocks as the space is already taken. However, if you focus the “must haves” first, the things of major importance in life will be accounted for and miraculously there will still be enough room to “should haves” and then also, the “might haves.” If there simply isn’t enough time and space to fit it all… at least you have that which is most important accounted for. What will make a most fulfilling life? Are your priorities in order? Think about it.

Prayer for the day:

Gracious God, help me choose my priorities in accordance with Your will so that my life can be all that You intended. Amen.