Hi! My name is Pastor Ed Saxman. I am so thankful that you have found your way to our website here at Grove City Grace UMC! While I’m not sure how you found your way to us, I do want you to know that if you searching for answers to your life’s circumstances, exploring where God might fit into your life or if you are looking for a church family with which you can grow in grace, we would love to come along side you to figure out this incredible, yet challenging, gift called life!

As you scroll down the page you will find some information that we think will help you take the next step in your journey.

How Grove City Grace UMC can help you grow in grace.

1. Review the Spiritual Growth Guide

2. Discover your current reality

Prevenient Grace
When God created each of us, He left a divine imprint upon us, regardless of whether we recognize it or not. In our pursuit of happiness, contentment in life, or satisfaction in our relationship, God’s presence, known among United Methodists as “prevenient grace,” nudges us back to God.

Justifying Grace
Justifying grace is that moment when we realize that any right we have to stand before God comes from the love Jesus showed us by dying for our sins, and not by our own actions. In this moment of earnest and honest gratitude everything in this world ceases to have power over us as we begin the experience a divinely transformed life through the gift of salvation.

Sanctifying Grace
As believers, we come to realize that everything we do is in response to this grand gift of salvation offered by a generous God. “Sanctifying grace,” or more simply put, living out our “thank you” to God is the Holy Spirit-aided process of becoming the person God intended one to be at the moment of creation. We believe that this process is a life-long, joy-filled adventure with God that ultimately allows the believers to attain the seemingly impossible – perfect love in this lifetime and the fullness of God in the life to come.

• Searching for meaning - All persons seek to make sense of their life. “What gives my life purpose, joy, and fulfillment?”

• Exploring Christ’s way - You may choose to attend Grove City Grace UMC and want to belong, but you haven’t yet committed to following Jesus. Perhaps you are wrestling intellectually with God’s presence in your life with more caution than curiosity. We would love to help you process your questions and move towards a commitment to Christ.

• Beginning new life in Christ - Beginners are the largest and most active group of people in church activities. Growing one’s faith can be awkward. As most people seek to live out their faith beyond the church arena, they are often vulnerable to insecurity and doubt, and need their small group’s reality check and encouragement. Grove City Grace UMC has a variety of opportunities to connect with other folks growing in grace.

• Growing our walk in Christ - If this stage is your current reality, you are likely eager to be identified as a Christian. The growing phase goes public with their faith. They are increasingly willing to take responsibility for their own maturing relationship with Christ and invest significant time and energy doing so. They seek to integrate their faith into their lives in a holistic way, and look to Jesus to help them live their life.

• Maturing all our life in Christ - The Christ-centered are surrendered to God and willing to give up anything as they yield control of their lives to Jesus. Rather than expect Jesus to help them with their lives, they lay down their lives - deciding to do so daily - to serve Jesus. They understand that Jesus is not there to meet our personal needs; rather, we exist to know love, obey, serve, and be with him.

3. Identify the one or two steps that will help you grow to the next level.

4. Connect with someone (faith guide, mentor, life coach, pastor) to help you.

5. Keep growing! Make it a priority to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus.

Three Keys to Growing Spiritually

1. Stay connected to God

  • Have a daily time with God

  • Develop foundational spiritual practices

2. Stay connected to Others

  • Invest in Christian friendships

  • Regularly attend corporate worship

  • Connect in an accountable relationship (mentor, coach, small group)

3. Serve Others

  • Find a way to serve at Grove City Grace UMC

  • Explore ways to serve in your community

THINGS to know:

Our parking lot is on Grace Street behind the church.
There is also street parking along Broad Street, Pine Street, and in area business lots on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Finding your way around the building

• The chapel, sanctuary, nursery, fully accessible restroom and church offices are located on the main floor.

• The gymnasium, meeting rooms, kitchen, & main restrooms and a fully accessible restroom are located on the basement level.

• The children & youth rooms are located on the second floor.

Mobility Issues
If you have mobility issues, please note to the right of the steps at our Pine Street Entrance you can access a “lift” into the building without the need to navigate stairs. When you access the “lift” you must push and hold the button until the lift arrives at ground level.

When you enter the lift, you must push and hold the button for the main floor if you are arriving for worship or the church offices or the basement if you are arriving for Sunday School, dinner, or meeting.

There are fully accessible restrooms on the main floor & the basement level. There is currently no access to the second floor for individuals with mobility issues.

We are a casual, come as you are, group. At Saturday evening services, Pastor Ed will typically be found in jeans and a polo. For Sunday, Pastor Ed sports a suit & tie, while everyone else can be typically found in casual dress or comfortable clothing.